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  • Cordis Hotel, Auckland CBD, New Zealand


Is the decision for the papers published on May 25 the final decision?


It is difficult for us to travel to New Zealand. I would like to ask if it is possible to take part in the conference in an online format.

There are virtual options for participating in the conference, you may register a virtual attendee.

Our paper has been rejected, but the reviewers’ comments are easy to address. Can we submit a revised version for consideration? 

No, sorry but we do not have time to run a second round of review.

Our Presentation-only paper has been rejected, why is there no comment?

The PC made the decisions, and we do not provide comments.

I am a student presenter, what fee should I pay so that the paper will be included in the proceedings?

As the website mentioned, all accepted papers (including Presentation Only paper and IEEE Journal/Transaction Contributions) must pay a FULL registration fee (in-person or virtual/online) by 29 June 2023, otherwise they will be considered withdrawn. If a student is the only author presenting the paper, he/she must register with a full registration fee for the paper to be included in the publication.

If I upload a video, do we need to be around for the time of my presentation?

Yes, you will have to be online.

Can I self-nominate as a session chair?

Yes, please email the PC chair. 

None of the authors for our paper can attend the conference in person. We plan to find a surrogate presenter to present our paper. Is this allowed and who should register for the paper?

 The author should register for the paper. Others may help present.

When I upload the final version of our paper, can you change the authors’ list? 


What is the best option to come to the hotel on arrival?

Auckland Airport licenses specific taxi and shuttle companies to ensure airport visitors and travelers receive a high standard of service.


For online participation, do we need to upload a video? Do we need to be online to present at a given time?

We shall advise soon – watch the space.

What is the preferred aspect ratio for my PowerPoint presentation?

We shall advise soon – watch the space.

Is there a template for the presentation?

We shall advise soon – watch the space.