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Special Sessions

Special Sessions in Honor of Professor Peter Luh

  1. Digital Twin – Basis for Adaptable Automation Systems” (Code: 34f5q)
  2. Smart Manufacturing Control and Optimization Towards Industry 4.0/5.0” (Code: 75m2j)
  3. Manufacturing Data Science” (Code: sjw5b)

Other Accepted Special Sessions

  1. Human-Robot Collaboration for Futuristic Human-Centric Smart Manufacturing” (Code: fx12g).
  2. Cognitive Intelligence-Enabled Self-X Manufacturing” (Code: 747jt).
  3. Intelligent Analysis of Industrial Big Data” (Code: 4xqs4).
  4. Energy-Efficient and Flexible Production for Net-Zero Emission Manufacturing” (Code: y3214).
  5. Systems Analytics and Intelligent Control in Agriculture 4.0” (Code: jn849).
  6. Big Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence for Automated Quality and Reliability Assurance” (Code: 3u1gk).
  7. Industrial Intelligence Towards Digital Twin (Code: 8997e).
  8. Manufacturing and Service Systems in the New Era” (Code: 7bw71).
  9. Smart Remanufacturing Technologies” (Code: 8wf47).
  10. Joint Model- and Data-Driven Approaches for Safe and Trustworthy Robotics and Autonomous Systems” (Code: 7y8u9).
  11. AI-Enabled System Learning and Optimization for Production and Service Improvement” (Code: h4914).
  12. Modeling, Control, and Scheduling of Manufacturing Systems with Advanced Techniques” (Code: w6f9x)
  13. Human-AI Hybrid Intelligence and Collaborative Decision Making for Industrial Production Systems” (Code: 263t6)
  14. Automation in Construction and Buildings” (Code: 3a327)
  15. Cyber-Physical Internet for Synchronizing Cross-Border Logistics” (Code: 8x2k8)
  16. Simulation and AI in Automation” (Code: 2j94k)
  17. STMDI: Spatial and Temporal Modeling for Decision Intelligence” (Code: uvtp7)
  18. Towards Industrial Metaverse and Its Key Technologies” (Code: 2j94k)
  19. Smart Healthcare Delivery Through Advancing Health Information Technology” (Code: 47e7e)
  20. Electric and Autonomous Mobility, Transportation and Logistics” (Code: 427h4)
  21. Complexity and Data Analytics in Intelligent Industrial Systems” (Code: mp11x)
  22. Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence for Quality and Reliability Assurance” (Code: pf7m1)
  23. The Next-Generation Resilient Cyber-Physical Manufacturing Networks” (Code: 5deky)
  24. Multi-Disciplinary Aspect of Cyber Security Data Privacy and Security” (Code: 1se23)
  25. The Flexibility and Adaptability of the Digital Twin-Driven Manufacturing System in the Mass Customization Paradigm” (Code: x4dj1)
  26. Machine Learning Models and Meta Heuristic Algorithms for Intelligent Machining” (Code: t8dbi)
  27. Digital Twin-Enabled Human-Centric Assembly Assistance” (Code: w783n)
  28. Novel Planning and Scheduling Approaches in Semiconductor Supply Chains” (Code: 4tdej)
  29. Artificial Intelligence for Digital Additive Manufacturing” (Code: g21rp)
  30. Cutting-Edge Robotic Technologies and Applications Energized by Smart Materials and Advanced Control” (Code: inq55)
  31. Cloud-Edge Collaboration for Manufacturing Automation” (Code: 3w14e)