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Special Session Proposals Submission

The Special Session proposal submission deadline is February 15, 2023. However, you are strongly encouraged to submit your Special Session proposals as early as possible in order to attract more submissions.

The Special Session proposal will be reviewed and published on the conference website as soon as it is approved. IEEE CASE 2023 invites Special Session proposals related, but not limited, to the topics published on the conference site.

The Special Session paper submission deadline is the same as the regular paper submission deadline. Authors should obtain the session code from the session organizer(s) or find the code from the conference website in order to link the paper to the Special Session intended for. Special Session papers will undergo the same review process as regular papers.

Note: There is a “Special Session Presentation-Only Abstract” option. Only a two-page abstract is required. Accepted “Presentation-Only” submissions will make oral presentations at the conference and be listed in the final program but will not appear in IEEE Xplore.

If a Special Session has fewer than 4 papers accepted, the accepted papers may be assigned to or combined with another special or regular session.

Click here to download the “Proposal for Special Session at IEEE CASE 2023”.

To submit your proposal, click the link “Submit a contribution to CASE 2023” at https://ras.papercept.net/

The submitted and preliminarily approved Special Sessions are listed below. The list will be updated on a regular basis. Any new Special Sessions should have minimum overlaps with the existing ones.

Submitted and Preliminarily Approved Special Sessions:

  1. Human-Robot Collaboration for Futuristic Human-Centric Smart Manufacturing” (Code: fx12g).
  2. Cognitive Intelligence-Enabled Self-X Manufacturing” (Code: 747jt).
  3. Smart Manufacturing Control and Optimization Towards Industry 4.0/5.0 (Code: 75m2j).
  4. Intelligent Analysis of Industrial Big Data” (Code: 4xqs4).
  5. Energy-Efficient and Flexible Production for Net-Zero Emission Manufacturing” (Code: y3214).
  6. Systems Analytics and Intelligent Control in Agriculture 4.0” (Code: jn849).
  7. Big Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence for Automated Quality and Reliability Assurance” (Code: 3u1gk).
  8. Industrial Intelligence Towards Digital Twin (Code: 8997e).
  9. Manufacturing and Service Systems in the New Era” (Code: 7bw71).
  10. Smart Remanufacturing Technologies” (Code: 8wf47).
  11. Joint Model- and Data-Driven Approaches for Safe and Trustworthy Robotics and Autonomous Systems” (Code: 7y8u9).
  12. AI-Enabled System Learning and Optimization for Production and Service Improvement” (Code: h4914).
  13. Modeling, Control, and Scheduling of Manufacturing Systems with Advanced Techniques” (Code: w6f9x)